Digital Platform Development Services in USA

Our solutions consider all the unique needs of each particular enterprise, help automate and adjust processes successfully, as well as scale businesses nationally and internationally. Engaging professional UX/UI experts at the early stages of digital platform development is crucial to mitigate risks and validate your ideas. We will make sure your UX is efficient, customer-centric, delivers desired outcomes, and helps your platform grow.

digital platform development services

It is the right choice for the projects that have specific development requirements and scopes. We release the product and help you integrate the solution into your tech infrastructure. At this stage, we assemble a team and create optimal solutions for your project. We always start from digital platform consulting to come up with a detailed work plan. We create unique strategies by diving into your business processes and becoming your companion during our collaboration.

Efficient digital transformation

24/7 platform maintenance & supportWe provide advanced 24/7 platform support, covering maintenance issues to ensure your systems are up and running. We are ready to assist you with any additional guidance on how to operate your infrastructure in the cloud. We know how to keep your platforms highly available, reliable, and relevant to the current business needs. Protect your platforms from degradation and downtime without breaking your budget. Let us help you embrace the digital world and follow the pace of rapidly evolving business environments.

With expert digital platform development, you will be able to leverage a bespoke solution tailored to the needs of your business model and reach the specific purposes you aspire to do. Also, companies can use digital platforms to optimize their internal operations. The client, a large investment company based in London, approached Euristiq to develop an automated document generation platform for their internal use. A cloud platform collects data, processes it, forms documents, eliminating costly and time-consuming manual work.

Ensure faster data processing and connectivity between your devices and programs. SaaS platform developmentWith software as a service application development, we cover all the components of an optimal solution starting with data storage and cloud selection to app development. As a crucial part of digital transformation, digital platform solutions can equip businesses with the intelligence they need to enhance operations, stay more productive, and experiment with new approaches. As a result, businesses can leverage a stable and reliable tech-based backbone that will help them navigate the digital world easily. With our vast pool of expert digital platform developers, you can create and orchestrate a full-fledged solution that addresses your business’s unique pain points and standardizes heterogeneous processes. We offer the right combination of resources and expertise to let you concentrate on core processes and enable the digital transformation of your business.

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Aggregating customer activities from varied systems, the Customer Data Platform enables the brands with a unified and consistent view of all relevant data. A single source of truth for the businesses where companies can manage all their business data including product, customers, suppliers, vendors, etc. It is a master data that manages all aspects in a hierarchical and structured way along with data versioning, validation, and enrichment. By managing your organizational data in a single place, we offer you a single source of truth.

digital platform development services

Our cloud adoption experts have hands-on experience in building secure and highly available solutions on AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud platforms. Choose, build, or migrate to the best cloud platform according to your project requirements. The client had a concept of a pre-construction budget estimation tool that will mitigate risks with budget planning. An end-to-end platform we developed combines all necessary features in one solution, allows access to all user’s projects under one login, and has an integrated payment system. Geomotiv protects you by laying the groundwork for efficient data management, precise ad targeting, and timesaving automation.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

There is no need to optimize web apps for different platforms, unlike a classic application. Cross-platform and cloud storage reduce breakdowns and enable faster work. The process is conducted by developers only, doesn’t imply any user engagement, and remains invisible to customers.

The software provided up-to-date data for millions of luminaires, achieving outstanding quality through Euristiq’s robust testing methods and cohesive designs. AgricultureFarm monitoring and management software for effective field operations, planning, resources optimization and higher revenues. Choosing the most convenient collaboration model with your technological partner is a crucial step to a successful product. Understanding this, we offer three flexible cooperation approaches depending on your preferred level of involvement.

Platform development is the process of creating an ecosystem for a company’s technological solutions. Basically, it is the fundamental software that collects and processes data and provides a platform for application development. Leverage our deep technical knowledge combined with our software development expertise to gain insights into your product at every stage of your development process. Unlock the hidden potential for your digital platform to create a cross-industry innovation. We helped the client to build a secure document verification platform that processes and verifies personal data in real-time. The solution simplifies consumer access to online services and applications, extracting personal information from a document scan, and validating it in the process.

  • Together, we can assemble a winning multi-cloud portfolio to host your platform infrastructure.
  • Our R&D team composed of skilled data engineers and ML specialists will work out the optimal set of scientific models to power your intelligent algorithms.
  • Team extensionWe compose a team of the best performing talent and ensure timely platform delivery with a consistent level of quality.
  • The client, a large investment company based in London, approached Euristiq to develop an automated document generation platform for their internal use.
  • Real EstateReal estate software solutions that help owners, agents, and teams streamline processes of property management, CRM, and marketing.
  • When used correctly, it enables businesses to achieve the agility, reliability, and speed necessary for getting ahead of the competition.

A solid technology backbone for businesses willing to improve the existing operations, optimize performance, reduce costs, and open new possibilities to increase revenue. Combining and unifying different technologies and tools in one ecosystem, digital platforms for business involve the entire company’s architecture. Credencys develops advanced digital platforms using the modern tech stack to enable the client with the best in class solutions. We use the following technologies to develop digital platforms that ensure the implementation of quality driven solutions.

Their work on the website contributed to performance improvements and boosted conversion and revenue rates. Airline IndustryEnd-to-end solutions for airline companies, fleet operators, improved operational efficiency, flight scheduling, and asset management. Team extensionWe compose a team of the best performing talent and ensure timely platform delivery with a consistent level of quality. Evolve from a rigid legacy core system to an agile, modular ecosystem of connected layers powered by cloud architecture, microservices, and internal + external APIs.

API & system integration

Digital Platform is a software solution that helps organizations to serve their products and services through online businesses to run their business effectively. Manage product data in a centralized repository and distribute it across many channels and devices to improve time-to-market of the products. Such a platform permits managing all the product data in a centralized way and harmonizing all technical, sales, and marketing product information. We improve current system architecture and offer tech and digital solutions to enhance your business. TelecommunicationsCustom software solutions for communications service providers to streamline network services and add new business value.

Unleash the power of intelligent data and deliver personalized and omnichannel experiences to your customers through digital platform development services. That’s an axiom on which MIT researchers and Intellias platform developers strongly agree. Development and implementation of feature-rich digital platforms help companies to create user-centric personalized customer experiences across multiple channels and devices. Enabling brands with advanced frameworks, the digital platform helps them to manage various data-driven business processes seamlessly. For the effective customization and implementation of a digital platform, you need a highly reliable team of software developers who can understand your business-specific needs and build high-quality digital solutions. Hire experienced software developers to leverage centralized management of all your business data in a robust digital solution.

Intellias has been involved in conceptualizing, developing, testing, and deploying the platform’s cloud-based architecture. Our engineers are responsible for the full life cycle of 3D HD maps, from eliciting source data to creating and publishing the maps themselves. Transform your customer experiences by leveraging a robust digital platform that helps you manage all your essential business data effectively in a single platform.

Real-time document verification service

Our top-notch solutions help Healthcare organizations provide accurate and personalized services to their patients. Our skilled developers can implement virtually any technical idea in the domain. A unified work environment helps teams of all sizes keep projects, campaigns, resources, and tasks on track and deliver results. This type of software serves as a platform for efficient communication, quality management, documentation exchange, and real-time collaboration across teams and departments. Leverage your existing user base to gain an unfair advantage over the competition who doesn’t know the target market as well as you do.

What we are really proud of is building these great products for world-class brands

IronList provides online sales and auction aggregator platforms for used heavy equipment and machinery. We developed a digital solution that allows the client to manage the suppliers, customers, & product data of heavy equipment and machinery centrally. The frontend of the solution allows the buyers to search and view the product details. It contains the capabilities of web analytics and customer data management to control, deliver, and optimize contextualized digital experiences.

Engineered A Product Information Management Solution

A scalable high-performance IoT platform that controls 2M street lamps all over the world, collects and stores vast amounts of metric data. The requirements included high-performance, usability, reliability, security, and backward compatibility. Euristiq delivers top-class work in adherence to project timelines and budgets. Not only are they committed to meeting the business’ needs, but they are also willing to go above and beyond to do so. A suitable place for storing and sharing information, such as instructions, policies, guidelines, etc. Whatever type of information resides in this digital platform, the primary goal is to make it easy to navigate, search, and engage with.

The cost for a software platform development depends on its scale and features. Based on our experience, an MVP for a digital platform costs in the range of $ to $ , depending on the business needs it is trying to cover. The client produces hardware and needed a software platform that is an intermediate layer between the devices and their customers.

This type of application is compatible with both computers and phones that helps get broader user coverage. An online platform that accumulates enormous amounts of educational materials digital platform development services for corporate education and enables checking employee progress in real-time. We’ll connect various systems without bugs and integrate different platforms in one system.

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