The newest van conveyed Gerri’s furniture so you can the girl new house

The newest van conveyed Gerri’s furniture so you can the girl new house

communicate (kuhn VAY) vt. step 1. to carry from one location to some other; transport; 2. to act since the a funnel or typical for; step three. and make known; cuatro. to help you transfer (property) from person to some other • • • •

Kaj questioned Al to give their condolences in order to Cindy. Lisa conveyed the girl displeasure to help you Michael that have a beneficial scowl. The latest action shown term on parcel regarding Sally so you’re able to Harry. [-ed, -ing, -in a position adj.] [Syn. carry]

conviction* (kuhn VIK shin) n. 1. the latest discovering that you’re responsible for a crime; 2. the look or truth of being convinced; step 3. a strong trust • New criminal’s conviction is to have shoplifting. • Jill informed that have belief from her and you will Jack’s tumble towards slope. • The new s for urban revival with belief. [Syn. certainty, opinion]

coop* (KOOP) n. step one. a little cage, pen, otherwise strengthening to have remaining poultry; 2. any place regarding confinement; (slang) a prison -vt. in order to confine like in good coop (constantly that have up) -vi. (slang) to bed hands on; (slang) to acquire away, as the off a prison (as in travel the fresh new coop) • • • •

A number of the birds has received out of the coop. Because the she try grounded, Olivia felt like she was at a good coop. [-ed, -ing]

corroborate* (kur AHB ir AYT) vt. to back up the fresh correctness of; to verify; to support; to bolster • Willa substantiated Kim’s location at the time in question. • A second specialist will corroborate the newest credibility of your own Picasso lithograph. [-d, corroborating, corroborative adj., corroboratory adj.] [Syn. confirm]

cosmopolitan (KAHZ muh PAH li tn) adj. step 1. user out of a broad the main business; perhaps not local otherwise provincial; 2. not bound by local designs, likes, or detests; 3. embodying economic elegance; fashionable; urbane • Max’s globe travels have considering your a cosmopolitan outlook. • A preferences to have Maryland crab cakes has experienced a cosmopolitan impact, drawing purchases from all over the nation in order to packers towards the Chesapeake Bay. • The common Western european financial support urban area dweller does provides a beneficial far more modern look at things than simply their compatriot character. couch (KOWCH) vt. step 1. to lower or bring down, specifically to lessen (a great spear, lance, etcetera.) in order to assault standing; 2. to put in particular otherwise specific terms or phrases; show • The fresh new knight couched his lance as he prepared to go into the lists and you will get in on the joust. (There is certainly a sentence you plan to use everyday!) • The fresh general’s caution is actually couched inside the scarcely veiled dangers. • This new poet’s photo was couched in floral words. [-ed, -ing]

Night watchmen need to punch go out clocks periodically to ensure the supervisors discover it haven’t been cooping

fake (KOWN toer match) adj. 1. replica away from anything real to ; feigned -letter. a copy made to purposely cheat; forgery; -vt. step one. and come up with an imitation out of (money, photo, etc.) constantly to cheat otherwise defraud; dos. to help you imagine; feign • The fresh fake Van Gogh you purchased last night getting $forty is really well written but not at all uncommon. • Counterfeit cash in flow try a danger to everyone on country- including the counterfeiter. • You to counterfeit is made in order to p. (Only seeking toss certain light inside.) • This is not smart to fake You.S. money. • That counterfeit most people are always try alligator rips, introduced an individual pretends so you’re able to scream. [-ed, -ing, counterfeiter letter.] [Syn. not the case, artificial]

Support the puppies cooped upwards on your own space so they really aren’t getting towards mischief

courage (KUR ij) n. the fresh thoughts out-of confronting anything acknowledged as hard, fantastically dull, or harmful, unlike running or hiding of it; the standard of bravery; fearlessness; valor • Getting the courage of one’s convictions setting being courageous adequate to perform exactly what one thinks ‘s the right thing. • When up against a prospective assault by vicious pet, Willis the newest Pug demonstrated great courage. [-ous adj., -ously adv., -ousness n.]

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